About The Boston Cigar Club and Shop

The Boston Cigar Club is one of the largest and most luxurious cigar establishments in the northeast. The club is known to travelers, business professionals, locals, and celebrities as the premier cigar destination to enjoy top cigar brands, steaks, and vintage whisky.


State of the Art Air Make Up and Filtration System

One of the most notable features of our establishment is our state-of-the-art air makeup and filtration system that brings 100% fresh air from the outside and exchanges it with the air on the inside. The air process filtration is so fast that you will feel like you're sitting outside while you're enjoying your indoor cigar.


Cigar Shop

The Boston Cigar Club has a large shop that sells the best selection of cigars and accessories in Boston featuring top brands like Davidoff, Padrone, Avo, My Father, and Oliva at the best price.